Radiography Program

Welcome current students and graduates. Before our graduates reach commencement in June 2021, I would like to take a moment to recognize your achievements.

Your journey through the Radiography Program has been one of sacrifice, commitment, rigor, and innovation. However, I believe it would be remiss of me to go any further without discussing the biggest obstacle you all had to overcome, and that was the COVID-19 Pandemic. It is unprecedented to see the world pass through the same trauma at the same time, but we did. It is easy to overlook that life had to keep moving forward, despite the all the fears and illness that surrounded us, but you persevered.

You went back into your Clinical settings with eagerness and a desire to do what you do, and that is care for people. Your passion drove you and you learned adaptability and how to problem solve difficult situations. And now you are eagerly approaching the light at the end of the tunnel! The light is Graduation, and it is right within your reach!

It is here that I say, stay the course. Keep challenging yourself to study, to learn, and to prepare. Not only will this help you reach your goal of becoming a Registered Technologist in Radiologic Technology, but this will move you through your career. Moving through life and our careers will take us down paths we never expected and is a continuous journey.

So, I will offer some advice and it is free for the taking!

  • Be confident, but be open to constructive criticism

  • Measure your actions and your words

  • Forgive yourself and others. We are human and make mistakes

  • Listen to your patients

  • Help your co-workers and work cohesively

  • Never stop learning, but also be a good teacher

  • Practice patience and empathy

In closing, I would like to add in our RADS family we work together and support each other. So, know we are always here for you, now and beyond graduation. Be proud of the profession we serve and be proud of the initials RT (R) after your name!