Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Let’s think about it !!!!

By Lauren Spraggins

Associate Dean of Nursing

Nursing can be an emotional rollercoaster. One day you’re up, one day you’re down… But the key is to not stay down. A nurse can do anything. Beginning in nursing school, we are faced with tough courses, tough teachers and well just life in general. In order to travel on your journey from nursing student to professional nurse, it is important to practice Emotional Intelligence (EI). Yes, I said practice!!! If you want to master anything you must PRACTICE. We all have emotions and we all have intelligence but sometimes we act out our emotions first and our intelligence kicks in later. This can cause more harm than good. Let’s try to use them together 😊…In nursing, we must “keep it cool” at all times. There can be a lot of chaos in the clinical setting and no matter what you are saying…Patients and coworkers look at our facial expressions and body language. Well, how do I practice EI? I’m glad you asked.

Tip 1: Self-awareness

What do you believe in?

Who are you as a person?

Understand your own emotions and feelings

Would you want your family member to have a nurse like you?

Make sure your core values align with the nursing profession (respect, honestly,


Tip 2: Self-regulation

Be quick to listen and slow to speak…Learn the concept of data processing

You cannot hear what others are saying if you are talking

Always be open to learn new things

Set goals

Tip 3: Self-care

In order to care for other you must take care of yourself (during and after nursing school)

Improve your mental health

Protect your peace

Pray/ Meditate

Take a walk

Read a book

Get a massage


Visit a museum

Call a friend

Talk to a therapist (this is ok)

Dress ap and go to a nice restaurant

Reward yourself when you accomplish something. You deserve it!!

Gary Chapman (2015) wrote a book called The 5 Love Languages… You can apply them to any relationship, but they can also be applied to nursing. One of the love languages is “Acts of Service”. Nursing is a profession that requires you to be selfless and giving without expecting anything in return. EI can help us provide service for our patients during the most devastating times. We care for our patients without being asked and we advocate for them when they do not have a voice.

I think this is enough for now! There may be a Part 2 .. Stay tuned!!!

Have you practiced EI today???????

Try it, people will react differently towards you and you will attract positive energy!