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Medical Assistant

By Sharon Denson

Medical Assisting Program Externship Coordinator

Fun Fact! Medical Assistants often set their own schedules!

According to the #1 job site in the world (Indeed) as of June 2022, the national average rate of pay for entry-level Medical Assistants meets $20.40 per hour in Illinois.

Even before the Covid-19 pandemic there was a high necessity for Medical Assistants.

According to American Medical Technologist, as of 2021, the expected growth for health professionals is 20% over the next decade. Outreach is necessary in our position since being a mentor is a mammoth part of being an exceptional RMA. People skills required. Discussing patient information with other personnel such as the physician will be necessary. The advantage of being a Registered Medical Assistant is that you can choose to travel as a MA or work in a medical office as a phlebotomist. Continuing education is a requirement and will be rewarding while assisting with moving forward in your career. Administrative and clinical skills consistent with Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Administrative medical assistants often fill out insurance forms or code patients’ medical information along with answering phones and scheduling patients.

Clinical medical assistants have different duties, depending on the state where they work. This could include skills from vital signs to drawing blood.

Work Environment Medical assistants held about 720,900 jobs in 2020.

Work Schedules most medical assistants work flexible full-time schedules.


Medical assistants typically graduate from postsecondary Medical Assistant accredited education programs. These programs take about 1 year to complete and leads to a certificate or diploma. Others offer a 2-year program which leads to an associate degree. High school students that want to become a medical assistant often show interest in anatomy and biology.


Communication is the key to success in the medical field. If you do not know, ASK! Keep in mind, Inquisitiveness only makes you SMARTER!

Managing your stress level is imperative in being productive in the medical office and in LIFE. It often starts with ORGANIZATION.

YOU WIN! Hard-work ethics always pays off.

And lastly but most importantly. CONFIDENCE!... believe in yourself and watch how far you EXCEL!



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